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Posted about 2 years ago by My PA Admin

Hello from the Wyoming Association of Physician Assistant (WAPA) board of directors. My name is Shawn Ficken and I am the acting President. I was appointed to this position in July of 2017 and my tenure will be through the summer of 2019. I feel very fortunate to be able to give back some of my time to my state, my home, and my fellow PAs by serving this position. I will have the pleasure of working side by side with some very talented and dedicated PAs on the Board and across the state. We are in the midst of some significant changes in the way we practice from the national level to the state level. We, the board of directors, are challenged with not only keeping up with legislation and policies that effect us all but to also maintain a voice when it comes to changes in our practices.

Changes at the NCCPA and AAPA impact us all. We, in the State of Wyoming, have very progressive and enviable bylaws. The Board of Directors and WAPA members have been able to stay at the forefront of these changes by maintaining a strong united voice. The PA’s that have served on the board before me have all done a tremendous job of leading our board of directors and making decisions that impact us all. WAPA board of directors have had a large role in making sure legislation is in place in the state of wyoming to be able to treat the clinically and terminally ill, as well as being able to prescribe medications.

Moving forward two items are being watched closely by WAPA. The ever evolving change that is “recertification” is hard to keep up with. We are doing what we can to not only understand the changes, but to help formulate these changes. We will also continue to produce our semi- annual newsletter with updates regarding recertification and other laws effecting the way we practice.

The second item is the “Optimal Team Practice” model . This is making its way across our country. Here in Wyoming we are working with other states to coordinate legislation and assure Wyoming is not left behind. We are also working closely with the AAPA and their legislative efforts. We will be sending two delegates from WAPA to represent Wyoming in Washington and capital hill to voice our concerns for “Optimal Team Practice”. More information can be found on the AAPA website.

I will continue to work for our way of life here in Wyoming and stay in tune with the ever changing practices across the country. Please do not hesitate getting ahold of me or anyone on the board of directors at WAPA with questions, concerns, statements, or suggestions. You can contact us here!

Thank you again!

Shawn Ficken PA-C
WAPA President


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