Wyoming Association of Physician Assistants
OTP meeting

Please remember that tomorrow is our meeting in Casper to discuss OTP. It would be very bennificial if you could make it to Casper. If for some reason you cannot make it, we have arranged for a...

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Hello from WAPA, We are going to have a optimal team practice (OTP) meeting here in Casper March 16th at 1 p.m. on the campus of Wyoming Medical Center in the support staff services building. 1233...

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Welcome to PA Week! We at WAPA know life can be busy but encourage you to try to take a moment and recognize that it is PA Week. Pause to breathe and remember all you have done to get here today...

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Check out the Wyoming PA Blog, the new forum site to get and provide input and thoughts about practicing in Wyoming! Help keep communication and ideas for improvement flowing.

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Hello from the Wyoming Association of Physician Assistant (WAPA) board of directors. My name is Shawn Ficken and I am the acting President. I was appointed to this position in July of 2017 and my...

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