Wyoming Association of Physician Assistants

Proposed Change to Article 5 of the WY Medical Practice Act.

Posted 12 months ago

The Wyoming Association of PAs is proud to release proposed changes to Article 5 of the WY Medical Practice Act. The WAPA Board of Directors has conducted a thorough process over the last 2 years investigating the possible benefit to the future practice of PAs in Wyoming that would align with AAPAs Optimal Team Practice blueprint. 
During this 2 year process we have conducted listening sessions, solicited feedback via surveys, and met with constituent groups as we refine proposed changes that will ideally ensure the following:
- maintain our collaborative relationships with our physician colleagues
- remove the legislative requirement of "supervision" which is seen as a hindrance to hiring PAs
- make no changes to the scope of PA practice
- codify language indicating that the support/consultation/collaboration within medical teams should be derived at the practice level (e.g. the clinic/practice or the hospital where PAs work should determine the nature of the way PAs work in teams in each setting) rather than a legal requirement for supervision, the WAPA Board believes that this more accurately reflects how PAs currently work in these different settings
Our path forward from here is a continued solicitation of feedback from WMS, the WY BOM, and ultimately the submission of our proposed changes to the 2021 legislative session. 
Link to Preliminary document for Optimal Team Practice and draft changes to Article 5. Proposed changes are in written in red.
Please feel free to contact the WAPA board with questions or feedback. 
Sincerely, The Board of Directors of WAPA